Then why don't more real estate agents offer a Guarantee or Warranty for their service?

It's pretty simple really...few agents are confident enough in their service and in their results to offer you a guarantee for either.

Norma Gil at RE/MAX  North San Antonio Provides a Guarantee for her Service and a Guarantee that she will Get Results!

You read right... 2 Guarantees... one for great Service and one that she will Get The Job Done for you.

That's confidence ... and that confidence results from experience and a track record of success for sellers just like you.

Getting the most for your home or property means doing more than putting a "For Sale" sign out front and placing your home on some Web sites. 

In a competitive market where new homes for sale are added daily, your home needs to have the four " P's " in place!

  • Pricing ... Most agents use the old "Price Per Square Foot" method of pricing and it is inherently inaccurate.  Make sure you do not waste time or leave money on the table!

  • Preparation ... Most agents never take you through this process and it's critical... Measure Twice - Cut Once ALWAYS makes sense.

  • Presentation ... Do you feel the brokerage fee you are paying warrants an agent investing money in you

  • Promotion... Would you prefer an agent who has MORE buyers see your home than another?


As your Representative, we'll design a custom marketing plan for your home and help you determine the most effective price netting you the Most Money while still enticing buyers.

We are not "bullet point" marketers... your home is more than a 4-2-2... we will find buyers who want what you have and will enjoy the same things about your home that you have.  

For many, a home is one of their largest investments, but more importantly its a big part of their lives... so do not trust your life savings and your memories to anyone but a professional... someone with the experience, track record and confidence to GUARANTEE the Service and Results!

If you'd like to get in touch about your next home sale today, please contact us whenever you'd like.